Rethink the blizzard bag idea

Marietta City Schools staff has told Superintendent Will Hampton blizzard bags — lesson material sent home with students so that unscheduled closings might still count as instructional days — are a waste of time. According to Hampton, his staff says the effort required to prepare those bags could be better spent on other instructional projects.

“We just felt that (blizzard bags) were not an effective tool,” he said. “The range of internet access and home support for our kids is really pretty wide.”

Of course, Hampton could have been describing the situation in ANY of the other Washington County school districts when he said that.

That begs the question, why are so many other districts continuing a program that has been criticized as “just busy work,” and not, perhaps, related to what students are learning in the classrooms at the time? Is it really worth their time to pretend they are adding instructional time to a day that would otherwise have to be made up with real instructional time later in the year?

As one parent observed, it is often only the kids who are already doing well enough in school that they do not need to worry as much about losing instructional time who also go to the trouble of completing blizzard bag work.

So perhaps Hampton and his staff are right. Maybe blizzard bags are a waste of time, and other Washington County districts should do away with them.