In helping others, we often help ourselves

Students at Putnam Elementary School are learning a lesson about which we could all use a reminder: Usually when you help someone else, you get more back for yourself.

In this case, the second-graders in Melissa Levelle’s and Donna Kubisik’s classrooms were raising money for the Memorial Health System Teddy Bear Fund. They raised $130. They did so by creating stamps they sold for 5 cents each. Those stamps were used by students to send letters they wrote, which were processed by a student-run “post office.”

“I learned that it’s a good deed to help other people,” said Farah Starker, 6. “But I really liked my jobs, too. I was a salesperson, a mail carrier and a sorter. The sorter was the most fun, figuring out where all the letters go.”

Though the project allowed kids to do something good for other children, it also taught them lessons in economics, marketing, organization, responsibility and kindness — not to mention giving them a crash course in how the postal system works.

Levelle and Kubisik brought a fantastic project to the students, and the lessons they learned will be valuable for the rest of their lives.

The rest of us should take a page out of their book and remember just how much we, too, get back when we decide to do something good for someone else.