Kudos to educators who go above and beyond

Every day there are educators doing something innovative in their schools and classrooms, keeping students engaged and learning. This week, we learned of two in particular in our area with whom we’re particularly impressed.

Kristi Lantz, principal of Phillips Elementary in Marietta, has started Tucked-In Tuesdays, where each Tuesday evening she livestreams as she reads a bedtime story to students. It’s meant to encourage or strengthen each child’s love for reading and promote family time as well.

Lantz picked up the idea from another innovative educator in Texas and ran with it, and we’re so glad she did. It’s not enough for children to read only in school and to read only what’s required. If an interest in reading is sparked, that will help them throughout their life. It will expose them to many points of views and places they may never get to travel to, it will aid them in becoming better writers and ensure their brains continue to make connections in a way that only happens when you’re reading.

We hope this new program continues for a very long time.

Meanwhile, in the Wolf Creek district, music teacher Chase Myers is busy trying to instill a love of music at both Waterford high and elementary schools. When he was hired two years ago, the number of high school band students was in the single digits. He’s already raised that to 18 and is looking to engage the younger students so the program will be even healthier in years to come. He’s working to replace aging instruments and making sure students know the joys of learning to read and play music.

Music, and all of arts education, has such an important place in our schools and beyond.

“I’m just a music freak, I love this kind of learning,” said Waterford band student Hayley Gorrell, a junior and alto saxophonist. “In the band family we’re free to be ourselves.”

With an inspired teacher, those students are invested.

We know there are many more educators doing great things for our future generations, and we thank them.