Kudos to HSOV board for trying new methods

It’s no easy task to care for hundreds of animals each day, many of whom may be scared to be in a shelter and away from the home they’ve had for many years. It’s a job many of us might not be able to handle.

But it’s something the staff and the board at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley are not only doing but something they’re trying to do better.

The shelter has had its share of criticism over the years, likely some of it valid and some not. Either way, what the current board–consisting of some new members and some long-time members–is trying to do deserves some praise. They’re listening to the public, listening to the concerns and taking action.

That includes putting into place a new website that makes adoption application simpler and relaxing some strict adoption rules of the past. When before, a family was not allowed to adopt if they had another animal in the home that was not neutered, for example, now those adoptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, rescued dogs that before might have immediately gone to an out-of-state rescue group will now be at the local shelter for up to four weeks so that local households who may want to adopt have the first chance, addressing a criticism some county residents have had.

Changes being made are not only in favor of the consumers, but also the animals as well. There are now monthly visits by veterinarians to the shelter in an attempt to be proactive with their health, instead of reactive.

Change isn’t easy, especially when rules and policies have stood for a long time. We’re glad this board is willing to go beyond how it’s always been done and consider other options.