Strange story of student’s veteran project a real head-scratcher

Occasionally a story makes its way across the wire that might make one wonder — maybe we HAVE lost our minds.

It is difficult to find a reasonable explanation for the suspension of a middle school student in Celina, Ohio, who, according to reports included a toy gun in his class project to create a memorial to veterans.

An Associated Press report says the eighth-grader made a replica of a battlefield cross that included a toy gun painted black. According to an attorney for the boy, his teacher gave him permission to bring the project to school. But, the student was sent to the principal’s office when he brought the memorial project into the school, and was suspended for bringing something resembling a dangerous weapon to school.

On its face, the story sounds absurd. Assuming there are no mitigating details — and it is often the case with such stories that the school would love to be able to reveal more details, but cannot because of personnel and student privacy concerns — the board of education for that school district should remind administrators they must not abandon common sense or the use of their own discretion completely.

Mindlessly obeying the letter of the rules put in place to keep students safe could actually do more harm to students — in this case, particularly, because it sounds as though the student DID know such a thing might require special permission. Imagine the damage done to his trust in the authority figures around him.