Be patient on pothole patching projects

And so, the annual war on all those potholes that appeared over the winter months begins.

Be patient, folks. This is not an easy or fast process.

According to Assistant Street Superintendent and Construction Foreman Chris Hess, the system in place for finding areas in need of repair has worked well. Residents can call the mayor’s office or fill out an online report.

And “sometimes we drive the streets searching for problem areas, or we hear about them by word of mouth,” Hess said.

With some patching done and a few catch-basin repairs made, city crews must now wait until the Mar-Zane asphalt plant on Ohio 7 opens, probably in early May.

Then, priority will be given to main traffic arteries. Those living on less-traveled residential streets will have to wait a while — and for good reason. The battle is as tough this year as any.

“We’ve had many new (potholes) pop up in places we haven’t see them before,” said Hess.

Hold on, ladies and gentlemen. Relief is on the way. But it is time-consuming work that must be done properly, and might take a while to reach your neighborhood. Give Marietta’s road crews plenty of time (and safe space) to get the job done.


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