See something, say something in cases of elder abuse

Of all the alarming statistics about the frequency of elder abuse, there’s another stat that is just as alarming: only an estimated one in 14 cases of elder abuse is even reported.

With no report, there is often no one to step in and help and the abuse, whether it be emotional, physical or financial, will continue.

There are multiple reasons why such abuse may not be reported. The victim may be scared to report it, for fear of it worsening or of losing their home or independence as a result. Loved ones may not report abuse simply because they don’t recognize the signs.

We encourage everyone with a senior citizen in their lives to learn more. Attend the fair being offered this Saturday in Marietta, look online for warning signs or simply keep a closer eye on that individual. If you think something is wrong, don’t hesitate to make a report. In Washington County, people can call Washington County Adult Protective Services at 740-373-5513.

We can’t allow harm to our older generations to continue. If something is amiss, please speak up.


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