Report cards just one tool

Long before the Ohio Department of Education changed its scoring system to letter grades, The Marietta Times used the old system on state report cards of number of indicators met to create grades of A, B, C D and F for our local districts and schools. It was a way for our readers to have a quick look at how the districts did that year and easily understand the final score.

However, as the state reports cards are once again out for the year, we’d like to remind those parents and community members perusing them that those letter grades are just that–a quick look. They represent only certain–and very specific–categories and guidelines for schools. They don’t present a full picture of what’s going on in local classrooms every day. There are a lot of good things happening and progress being made that doesn’t fall into one of those state guidelines.

With that being said, we hope our local districts continue to make strides.

Though they aren’t a completely accurate or thorough snapshot of our schools, the grades weren’t very good this year. Only Belpre and Warren improved, and only to a C. Marietta and Wolf Creek held steady, but at a D and a C, respectively. Frontier fell from a C to a D while Fort Frye fell from a B to a C.

We hope all the educators in these districts do study the results thoroughly and put plans in place to address the areas that are lacking. While we know that these report cards aren’t the full picture, our local students deserve the best-and the best effort from those in the districts. There are improvements that can be made in each and every school system and this is one tool to find those gaps in service and work on closing them.

We hope we see those efforts on next year’s report cards.