Not sure if the Browns curse can be lifted

The curse of the Cleveland Browns! Do you believe there’s a Browns’ curse? If won-lost record is evidence, then there’s plenty of evidence for a curse.

Through the years, the Browns did very well up to a point. If there is really a curse, then it is obvious that it developed in the John Elway era, with the infamous “drive” and the “fumble.” Denver knocked the Browns out of the playoffs regularly.

Then Bill Belichick came along as coach and the fans looked forward to happy times. In fact, Belichick’s tenure with the Browns only seemed to “set” the curse for good. The Browns represent Belichick’s only unsuccessful coaching stint. The curse proved to be stronger than his positive coaching mojo.

Strangely enough, as coach of the Browns, Belichick squandered resources and generally messed up a good team. At one point, the Browns had two one-thousand-yard rushers – Ernest Byner and Kevin Mack. This is practically unheard of. Think of how good your offensive line has to be to rush for this many yards with two backs. Compare this with the present Browns where backs appear to be running for their lives rather than yardage.

For some reason, Belichick didn’t like Kevin Mack, and he brought in a guy named “Touchdown Tommy.” Apparently, “Touchdown Tommy” had set records in college. Unfortunately, “Touchdown Tommy” was a total bust in the pros. The Browns have never been the same. Belichick, of course, moved on to greener pastures, leaving the curse behind.

What has been sadly lacking through the years, in my opinion, is the ability to predict who will be a successful pro. This past year I believe the Browns showed improvement in this regard. But then they fired the guy that was responsible for the good draft picks.

Will the Browns’ curse continue? I wouldn’t bet against it.

L.P. McGovern