Congress should fix USPS to avoid cuts

As president of the Ohio State Association of Letter Carriers I must respond to a letter published on Feb.8. The writer was obviously upset with the cost of sending a package to Germany, and the condition upon arrival. The USPS charged the amount to cover its portion of the shipping, and that needed for the German Post Office to make delivery. The writer should be upset with the German post office, not the USPS.

The projected “savings” by eliminating one day of delivery will likely be offset by a loss of business mailers that need six-day delivery. The postal service was created in our Constitution for a reason, to ensure all have access the ability to communicate no matter where we live. It is a “service” that is still the main form of communication for many all across our great country.

Congress requires the USPS to prefund future employee health benefits for employees not yet born. Something no other federal agency is required to do. This costs the service over $5 billion a year. The same federal government prevents the postal service from offering many goods and services. Perhaps Congress should correct these issues before access is limited to those that rely on the USPS.

John R. Dyce