Time for Columbus to help our local schools

After attending the Frontier school board meeting recently, I felt compelled to write.

At the meeting we learned that after the new school funding goes into effect, not only will one of the poorest school districts in the state not get any more funding from Columbus, we will stand to lose $600,000 over the next couple of years! It seems that since our school district has lost some students, Columbus feels we don’t need as much for operating expenses.

I must say, I am tired of windbag politicians in Columbus making false promises to get elected.

Frontier school district relies heavily on property taxes and has no large businesses to help. Hundreds of acres of property is owned by the Wayne National Forest who I understand only contributes about $60,000 a year while making untold millions from hunting, logging, tourism, oil well royalties, etc. Quit exploiting the people of this district and pay your fair share Wayne National Forest!

I know we are in extreme southern Ohio governor Kasich, but we are still in Ohio! Do you know we exist? I wonder …

If our great administration in Columbus doesn’t do something, they are going to put our school district in the red. It isn’t like Frontier has alot of luxuries. We have scrimped for years just to get by. We have reduced our staffs, and made alot of painful cuts. It is getting to the point where Columbus needs to step up or shut up!

Michael Martin