Fort Frye sports teams backed by dedicated fans

Students stand for an hour, adults of all ages shout, people have their hands raised and often are clapping. No, this is not any type of exercise class. These individuals are Fort Frye fans. People who drive three hours to cheer on our football team or get up before the sun rises to be at a cross country meet. They stay in a hot gym for hours or stand in the rain to cheer for our student athletes.

Many of our fans no longer have children or even grandchildren that play a sport. They come to support our student athletes and because they love the sport they are watching.

So thank you to the Moms and Dads who cheer rain or shine. To the students who stand and cheer, run with the Fort Frye flag, wear face paint or red, white and blue hair. Thank you to fans like Sandy, Tom, or Bob and Carol. Our sports couldn’t go on without you. Go Cadets!

Beth Brown