Our leaders need to heed basic principles

To the resident of Williamstown:

I failed to see the article you referenced in your letter published in the Marietta Times on March 13 regarding your attack on Betsy McCaughey and her lack of truthfulness concerning death panels. As you so aptly stated, “Banking on the fact that no one had actually read the thousands of pages of legislation,” Nancy Pelosi advised her faithful followers to “just sign this bill now – you can read it later.” The bill was passed just prior to Congress and the Senate leaving for their Christmas vacation.

You go on to state the writer displayed a “fake concern” concerning the “Congress making it mandatory every five years that people on Medicare would have to decide how to end their life.” If you watched Hillary Clinton testifying before Congress concerning the four Americans who died for their country, then you would have seen real “fake concerns.” In Hillary’s own words, “What difference does it make how they died?” That, sir, is not genuine concern.

You also questioned McCaughey’s honesty by using “scare tactics” to frighten senior citizens. I can only assume you never watched Obama during his campaign style “scare tactics” concerning the sequester and how terrible it would be for kids not to have teachers at their schools, cities without first responders, etc. However, you never once heard him say that he would curtail his trips on Air Force One at a cost of $180,000 per hour, or trim his Secret Service staff, have less entertainment at the White House or any number of other cost cutting measures available. He made sure to cause the most discomfort to the greatest amount of people without interrupting his and his family’s lavish lifestyle.

The subject of McCaughey lying is one that no one from the Democrat party should even approach. Perhaps you didn’t hear Susan Rice making the rounds on the talk shows explaining that the Benghazi murders were the result of a video, or Barack Obama stating the sequester was not his idea, or the Secret Service “Made the decision to rescind the White House tours.” Space does not permit to list the out and out lies this administration has been caught up in, yet they stand and say they have the “most transparent administration” ever in the White House. A load of that stuff would sure do my garden good!

Our nation was blessed with three great writings to govern the people: The Holy Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. We just need our leaders to adhere to all of these, then I believe the rest of our problems would become much less serious. Thank you.

Wayne Venham