Americans don’t seem to care about their rights

I have been witnessing a strange phenomena in recent months and it leaves a question unanswered in my view. The question is, do all Americans believe in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and the freedoms that they guarantee? With the media reporting some strange events it appears that the answer to that question, sadly is no. With various reports nation wide and the strange lack of indignation or response to these events, it appears that this populace suffers from a lack of patriotic fervor and seemingly doesn’t believe, understand or even care that our rights are slowly being eroded.

The recent report of another attack on our religious faith by the teacher in Florida when the students wrote Jesus on a piece of paper and were told to stomp on it is one example. Only one student refused and he was quickly sent home. The constant barrage of half truths and misrepresentations about the 2nd amendment are another example of people either not knowing what the 2nd amendment says or why it is important. This lack of concern seems to have been brought on by the media and the education system saying that personal ownership of guns is wrong.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that our free speech is being curtailed with the “hate speech” legislation we see, and the political correctness we see almost every where. It seems like Judeo-Christian beliefs are the only ones that can be criticized or ridiculed with impunity.

I find it almost insane that we as a free nation would be electing men and women who seek to destroy or heavily curtail our freedoms. We blindly follow the “Pied Piper” and his party and allow these continued attacks on our basic rights.

We have warnings from our founding fathers about how fragile freedom is and the cost that was paid to gain these freedoms. Each generation must hold firm and let the fires of freedom burn brightly in their hearts, family and life.

These freedoms are from God. Corrupt men cannot be allowed to destroy or remove them from this great nation.

William Fulton