Bombing no time for politics, conjecture

I am both saddened and appalled by the tragic act of terrorism our nation suffered in Boston. I am saddened for the senseless act of violence that has killed and injured many people. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families that have suffered.

I am appalled by the blatant injection of politics and conjecture by many on this issue. I have seen hateful fingers pointed at both Muslims and Tea Partiers. Now is not the time for this type of behavior. We have no facts and should be patient. Attempting to score political points based on a tragedy does nothing to ease the pain of those suffering. I would suggest that it only ads to their pain. This is a time for Americans to stand up as one, put politics aside, and stand with our dead and injured countrymen in Boston. I pray that we as a nation show the world exactly how Americans can stand united in a time of tragedy and pain.

Jay Owens