Consider facts in teacher retirement vote

Recent letters to the editor have supported the candidacy of Dennis Leone for the Board Ohio’s State Teachers Retirement System. I would urge those eligible to vote in this election to get all the facts before voting. Leone got a lot of attention several years ago as a whistle blower, criticizing the retirement system for what he viewed as “excesses.” While it is true that some reforms were in order, the fact remains that acquiring and retaining first-rate leadership requires that STRS offer competitive compensation and benefits packages to employees. CORE, the organization that encouraged reform measures at STRS, is now defunct. This would seem to indicate that the need for draconian overhaul of the system is non-existent.

As an alternative Leone, I am supporting two retired teacher candidates, Jim McGreevy and Bob Stein. Both of these candidates are endorsed by the OEA and OFT. They have the right kind of leadership skills and experience to provide consistent, sensible guidance to the retirement system. If you have not yet voted in this election, please get all the facts and consider voting for McGreevy and Stein.

Jim Williams, president

Washington County Retired Teachers Association