America in a downward spiral; one way out

What has happened to America? What has eaten away at her Christian foundation? What has rotted the moral pillars that once lifted her to greatness? Why are her liberties being trampled, her fairness pushed aside and her honesty crushed? Why has political correctness replaced truth? Why have her schools and universities been corrupted by radical teachings, and her government controlled by those who govern with selfish intent, outright dishonesty and ungodliness?

What, indeed, has happened? Is America collapsing due to any one political party, movement or person? No! What has happened is a lethal combination of self-importance (pride), an ugly disdain for Christianity, and a hatred for God! Alarmingly, these characteristics are becoming quite apparent as they are being acted upon in every section of society from the White House, to churches, to our neighborhoods, to us!

Biblical principles are being discarded like yesterday’s trash. Many churches are becoming entertainment centers, and God’s Word is being altered to pacify the masses! God, once the underpinning of this nation, has been deemed non-existent, or, at best, an impersonal “higher power,” and all of creation simply evolved. With a ruling government that rejects God and His Word, and with a steadily growing populous that wants it that way, America is deteriorating! Old Glory may still wave, but America’s glory has been greatly tainted!

Mankind seeks to reside in a world blind to sin; to live without any distinction between right and wrong; to live in a world without God! In Luke 17:26-30 it is clearly revealed that the conditions of both Noah’s and Lot’s days will be repeated during the last days. Take note and don’t ignore the obvious! Dare to look around! People were involved in self-gratification, with no thought given to God! Violence was rampant, wickedness flourished, homosexuality thrived and God’s judgment fell! So, too, will God’s fury be unleashed on today’s godless world!

America, The Beautiful, has had her beauty tarnished by her very own people. Daily news provides horrifying proof of this reality! In disbelief I listened to the announcement that 15-year-old girls can now obtain the “morning after” pill over the counter. (I Corinthians 6:13) Heart-sick, I cried when I heard of the hideous murders of innocent living, breathing infants at the hands of an abortion doctor. With sadness I shake my head at mankind’s escalating sexual wantonness, and was stunned when America’s President made national news for congratulating an athlete for declaring his sexual preference! But comforting peace is always within when armed with the knowledge that God is at the helm!

Every believer should pray for our country, while fully understanding, without fear, that America, along with the rest of the world, is fulfilling long ago divinely inspired last day Bible prophecy. Believers, be saddened for America, but shed tears for the unbelievers and be driven by love and compassion to warn of God’s approaching wrath (Tribulation Period) and of eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire. Witness to the lost, and clearly present the reality of the cross! Explain Jesus’s victory over death, and boldly explain the hope of eternal salvation. Be not alarmed by our country’s downward spiral, but be firmly committed to leading souls to Christ and away from eternal damnation.

Unbelievers, “… if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved:” (Romans 10:9-10).

America is in a downward spiral, but if we have Jesus, our only way is up! (Hebrews 13:6).

Nancy Hamilton,