Thanks for respect, kindness in an emergency

Our parents have always loved visiting my sister and me in Marietta. They both spent their childhoods in rural settings and love the small town atmosphere of Marietta and surrounding countryside. So, as they have gotten older we asked them to move out of the Columbus metropolitan area where they lived for 55 years and come to Marietta to be closer to us. Less than a year ago they bought a house on Harmar Hill and love their new home and neighborhood.

They have caregivers during the day to help them with daily chores and meals while my sister and I are working. Then we check in on them on and off all evening.

Saturday night, my mother fell and could not get up off the floor and my father was unable to get her up. Both my sister and I were out of town for the evening. When I couldn’t get ahold of them by phone I called a friend to check in on them. She called the Marietta Fire Department to assist her. I arrived right before they did.

What I witnessed that evening were two men who treated my mother with such respect and kindness that it brought tears to my eyes. She was embarrassed that she had fallen, didn’t want her new neighbors to see an emergency squad with lights and sirens at her house, etc. etc., which was why she chose not to push her emergency button that she wears around her neck.

They spoke with her about using the button if she ever needed to again and she promised she would since she now knows in this small town you are treated with dignity and care and not just as another emergency call. She’s now even more impressed with our small town.

Thank you so much one of their four grateful children.

Marcia Holschuh