Manganese study meeting Thursday will include Marietta information

Dear Marietta community:

My name is Dr. Rosemarie Bowler and I am a neuropsychologist and a faculty member at San Francisco State University (SFSU). Many of you may remember me from an August 2009 manganese health study conducted in Marietta and Mount Vernon, Ohio, under a grant funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).

In November of 2011, SFSU received a federal contract from the U.S. EPA to conduct a health study of adults exposed to environmental manganese in East Liverpool, Ohio. East Liverpool residents were recruited to take part in “An Epidemiologic Health Study of Manganese Exposure in Adult Residents of East Liverpool, Ohio” in order to determine if airborne manganese emissions from the S.H. Bell plant, Stateline Facility, were negatively impacting the health of the residents of East Liverpool, Ohio. The recruiting and testing of residents in East Liverpool used a similar protocol that was used in Marietta, and the SFSU research team has been reviewing data, compiling results, and comparing results in the Marietta, East Liverpool and Mount Vernon communities.

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform the citizens of Marietta, that a community meeting will be taking place in East Liverpool, Ohio, to present the preliminary study results, which includes data from the Marietta portion of the study. This meeting will take place on Thursday, July 11, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Kent State University, Slak Shak Meeting Room, 400 East 4th St., East Liverpool, Ohio, 43920. Marietta health study participants are invited to attend.

We created a Web page which includes the information that will be presented at the East Liverpool community meeting. We plan to update this website over time with any published manuscripts. To learn more about the East Liverpool health study results go to:

I want to again offer my sincere gratitude to all the residents who participated in the Marietta study. You graciously offered your time to lend support for this very important health study. Your community and this effort are recognized in the history of manganese research and you can always be proud of the part you played in one of the few community-based manganese health studies in the United States.

Rosemarie Bowler, Ph.D., MPH

San Francisco State University