Putnam Church Preschool staff deserves praise

This letter is to praise the Putnam Church Preschool and its staff, especially Miss Dee and Miss Michelle, whom my granddaughter was blessed with as her teacher and assistant for the past two years. These two exceptional ladies have done an awesome job training their students with love and preparing them for K-5. You can tell in the results that they love and take seriously the education of these preschoolers. Actually, I believe the kids could master K-5 quickly and move right into first grade. The curriculum used is superior in this preschool and noted as top notch! My only complaint is that this school doesn’t offer schooling through Grade 12 (sure would be nice!). We were all so very impressed with the schooling, love for God they show, and biblical teaching these children received along with their schooling. My granddaughter would come home singing new songs and learning so much from her classes. We recommend Putnam Church Preschool for every preschooler! Thank you again, Miss Dee and Miss Michelle! And all the staff at putnam Church Preschool! We will miss you and your great teaching talents!

Brenda M. Adams and family