The media needs to quit pushing their own agenda

I am so tired of agenda driven media and the problems that it creates. We need look no further than the case of George Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin. This reporting of this tragedy is nothing short of a travesty. This case was not about racism and it never should have received the attention that it did.

NBC started off the lynching of Zimmerman with the doctored call to the police that portrayed Zimmerman as a racist. The real recording shows that Zimmerman was simply answering a question that the dispatcher asked him.

Next, we must look at Zimmerman’s heritage. By looking at his picture, he is clearly Hispanic. Zimmerman’s heritage seems to have been a problem for the media at large as we get qualifiers added into the mix. Zimmerman is described as “identifying himself as Hispanic” and “a White Hispanic.” The last qualifier borders on the absurd. Do we call President Obama a White African-American because he had a White mother?

Another disturbing media stunt is the portrayal of Martin. The public is fed old pictures of Martin that show him as much younger than he was at the time of his tragic death. Another fact that is completely ignored is that he had twice been suspended from school that year. He was caught with stolen jewelry once and caught with marijuana another time. The point being, this was not some squeaky clean kid.

Now with a verdict of not guilty, we are being fed stories about the possibility of civil rights violation charge. This charge will do nothing but inflame the public and waste more money when he is found not guilty of it. He will not be found guilty because this was not about race in any way. It is only about race in the minds of the media and the people that buy everything the media says as the gospel truth.

This case is was nothing more than a tragedy. No crime was committed. It never would have went to trial without the pressure from the media. I would suggest that if the media is interested in travesties of justice, they look to the hundreds of African-American youths being slaughtered by each other in Chicago. That will not happen as it does nothing to further the race baiting division that the media is interested in. I would submit that any riots and damage that happen because of the verdict can be laid squarely at the feet of an agenda driven media that is out of control and failing to do their job. The only public outcry that needs to occur is for our media to be truthful to the American people and quit pushing their own agenda.

Jay Owens