Choral Society looking for a few good voices

I invite adults interested in continuing to develop their vocal skills to become members of the Parkersburg Choral Society. The choral group invests the rehearsal time to be able to perform the music at a high level. The music selections are challenging and in many cases only performed by the Parkersburg Choral Society in this region. Both the artistic director, Luke Zyla, and Accompanist Marjorie Hamperian provide quality musical leadership for the chorus. The Parkersburg choral society secures an orchestra, brass quintet, or specific instrumentalists to perform the music as the writer visualized. The concerts are held in area churches with high quality acoustics and musical instruments .

Rehearsals for the Nov. 10 concert start the first Tuesday in September. Interested vocalists should contact Luke Zyla at (304) 422-6117. I find the investment of time to rehearse the music and develop vocal skills one of my most satisfying pursuits as an adult. It is also rewarding to be able to offer the performances free to the region

Thank you’s to Artsbridge, patrons and program ad sponsors which provide the funds for the music and instrumentalists. The free concerts are only possible through their support.

Emerson Shimp