Marietta’s detour debacle is no joke

The Washington Street Bridge detour … what a fiasco!

According to ODOT southbound traffic is to use “Interstate 77 to U.S. 50 to Ohio 7” or vice versa for northbound traffic. It did not appear from the truck traffic going through Marietta on Tuesday that anyone was aware of a detour.

The detour debacle only seems to emphasize the ever-increasing truck traffic through Marietta. Large trucks drive through our residential neighborhoods, past two school zones and the main entrance to the hospital, while it seems our community leaders welcome them with open arms.

Why were millions of dollars spent on the U.S. 50 bypass? Since we’ve already paid for it, shouldn’t that route be utilized instead of truck traffic passing through town? I’m sure there are concerns that funding for road repairs would be affected, but the condition of the roads would not deteriorate as quickly without the heavy truck traffic.

The citizens of Washington County would not support the construction of another bridge across the Muskingum River, but that does not mean that our residential neighborhoods should have to suffer. The traffic that is “just passing through” town has the option of using the U.S. 50 bypass. Through traffic should be discouraged for the safety and betterment of our community!

Teresa Hushion