Message to the naysayers about Outdoor Heaven

When reading comments or articles written by the naysayers of Ohio Outdoor Heaven, it is amazing how they come across knowing more than anyone else. Yes, for these type of people, it is easier to criticize than for them to create.

Let me remind them, Ohio Outdoor Heaven is a private concern that will benefit the public concern. I don’t need to answer to any naysayers as I am not an elected official nor am I asking for any handouts.

As to experience, I welcome the naysayers to debate me on this. I do not claim to know too much, but I do surround myself with people that are more knowledgeable than I am.

Unlike the government of the United States that are wasting our ample resources everyday, we at Outdoor Heaven Inc. are resourceful in creating wealth.

Let the naysayer keep on saying nay…however, phonetically speaking it sound more like a horse whining.

Just remember, If you can’t imagine, you may not be able to achieve.

29 years ago when I started to work in Mainland, China, the city of Dalian was more backwards than the Mid-Ohio Valley.

29 years later, the government of the United States owes trillions of dollars to China.

Why don’t the naysayers say “NAY” to borrowing money from China and say “NAY” to spending beyond one’s means? Also, how about saying “Nay” to more government regulations ?

As a Proud American, I share the American Spirit of taking Risks for accomplishing something good, for not only our generation but for our posterity.

This is what the legacy of America is about.

Wei-Chung Sheng


Outdoor Heaven Inc.