O’Neill is working to earn your vote for treasurer

“Where there’s a Willa, there’s a way.” Willa O’Neill, in her campaign for Marietta City Treasurer, is using this message to share her credentials with Marietta voters who will see her name on the ballot in November.

In her work life, Willa faced numerous challenges successfully.

A graduate of Ohio University, she started as an elementary and junior high teacher. Her first challenge came when asked to take on a “one-room school” classroom of troubled students who were misfits in the classroom. She tackled this with her usual determination, adaptability and courage.

When she decided it was time for a change, Willa took a job as a highway worker with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). A Civil Service job, in time she was asked to fill a new role, representing Civil Service employees in discussions with management. Soon she was doing this statewide. She earned the respect of management by her ability to retain amicable relations.

With her experience in adapting to new careers, Willa has been working to prepare for the new role she’s seeking. She’s become acquainted with a well-trained staff in the City Treasurer’s office and city government generally. She has conferred with other city treasurers to seek “best practices” that she might want to consider.

Willa is working to earn your vote for Marietta City Treasurer.

Registration deadline is Oct. 7. The Board of Elections can verify if you are currently registered. If you are not registered you will not be able to cast a vote for Willa and the team of other candidates. If needed, call the board to get directions to their new location.

Don’t forget: where there’s a Willa, there’s a way.

RoseMarie Thomas