Reader disappointed in local coverage of health care meeting

I would like to respond to the letter to the editor regarding the private meeting at Heartland Nursing Home in Devola. This was not a town hall meeting.

Congressman Bill Johnson organized the meeting, which was by invitation only. The invited people were all medical professionals or involved in the insurance related business. The goal was to obtain information on their feelings about the new regulations and guidelines being imposed by the Affordable Care Act. This information was to help determine what the people most affected by the Act wanted their Congressman to know and understand.

Congressman Johnson invited Congressman Phil Roe from Tennessee who is a physician to co-host the event. Several physician and department heads from Marietta Memorial Hospital and Selby Hospital and insurance representatives were present. The meeting room at Heartland was filled and not a seat was vacant. Also in attendance were County Commissioner David White and former commissioner, Glen Miller. WTAP was also present. The Marietta Times’ staff did not attend this meeting.

Prior to the meeting, the person from Williamstown, West Virginia, and writer of the aforementioned letter for the editor stated she was denied access to the meeting. She stated to Congressman Bill Johnson’s staff that she was a big supporter of the Affordable Care Act. Due to the fact that she was neither a medical professional nor one of the invitees she was prohibited admittance.

According to the lady from Williamstown, she posted the “incident” on Facebook. Why would Bill Johnson’s opponent then get involved in this matter? Did she really read about it on Facebook and call the lady from Williamstown? For what purpose did that really serve? Is there a connection between this lady and Bill Johnson’s opponent?

It is a sad situation when the Marietta Times doesn’t attend these meeting and report the feedback received from the medical and insurance professionals to the people of Washington County. Everyone is interested in this information on the Affordable Care Act that will inevitably affect their lives. Since the Marietta Times endorsed Bill Johnson for Congress in the previous election, I was disappointed that they did not attend the meeting.

Glen Miller, former county commissioner