Seeing ‘Old Glory’ flying in the air was great

“Absolutely beautiful!” that was my thought tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 11, when I saw our flag flying over Williamstown this evening.

I was simply driving home from work when I suddenly saw Old Glory, literally, flying ahead of me!

I know it was over Williamstown for at least 15 to 20 minutes before I “followed” it to Marietta. I watched from the bridge as it flew off towards the west side, where I lost it in the evening sun. So I headed home on Colegate, where I saw it again briefly as it crossed and headed to Devola.

I’ve seen the helicopter and flag before at scheduled events such as the air show and sternwheel festival and something about that airborne flag is always a stunning symbol of strength and hope to me.

Maybe it was because I wasn’t expecting to see it tonight that the effect was even more profound.

So “thank you!” to the pilot and anyone else responsible for Old Glory’s special flight tonight!

And a huge and heartfelt “thank you!” also to all the police and fire and our service members – past, present and future – who bravely and proudly wear their respective uniforms and put their lives on the line each and every day to serve and protect us and this great country!

I will never forget the horror of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 or the unexpected sense of strength and hope from a flying flag on 9/11/13.

It’s just a reminder that beauty can still be found, even on such a somber day.

Charlene A. McCoy