The most heinous threat of progressivism

A writer in the Aug. 24 Times wants all to believe that those in America who oppose socialism are the rebirth/continuation of the Roman Catholic Church Crusaders. The Crusaders (given a noble sounding goal of freeing the Holy Land from the dominance and persecution of non Christians), were in fact an evil assault on the world to force everyone to submit to the authority of the Pope, and the Roman Catholic Church. Estimates are that from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 people were murdered by the Catholic armies. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and pagans were slaughtered and every Christian Church refusing to obey the Pope was ransacked and looted, with all its Holy Relics and possessions carried off to Rome.

This “author” even claims the Black Plague was the fault of the Crusaders, returning from the East. History, however, lists two possible causes. Either the Tatars spread it to a Genoese outpost on the coast and/or 12 Genoese trading ships returning to the docks at Messina after a long journey through the Black Sea.

The article claims “today’s crusaders opposed “every progressive reform since 1933.” Progressive is a term that is connected tightly with Communism, Socialism, and Marxism. So, yes, sensible people will oppose them. How have the three systems worked out so far for the people of the world?

We hear Obamacare, voting rights, “women’s reproductive rights,” and organized labor as some of the threatened rights. Obamacare is all about forcing employers and insurance companies to stop providing health care, to force Americans onto the Obamacare lists, save for the millions of waivers doled out to those people and organizations vital to the progressive causes. We’ve heard about the benefits that will be denied to people because of age, infirmities and whatever else the progressive bureaucrats decide. Voting rights should cause people to remember the reports of voter fraud, and those who admitted voting several times in the last two presidential elections. Remember the two Black Panther thugs intimidating voters in Philadelphia.

Women’s reproductive rights means (in a nation that prosecutes animal abusers and killers), to sound good, a woman has the right to take out a fetus like a bag of trash and get rid of it. It’s an unborn child with a heart, lungs, arms, legs, and a brain.

Organized labor reminds many of the corruption that exists is labor. There are some unions that do good, but there is so much more that can be done.

The reference to the “I Have a Dream” speech is just another attempt to make the “author’s” claims more valid. Martin Luther King was a great man with a great dream. The racial problems in the nation are agitated more by the likes of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson, along with the “useful idiots.”

The term “useful idiots” was coined by the great Progressive Lenin, when he described the fools who fell for his progressive system, and then foolishly spread the great lie, until Progressivism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism took over. Then they were ground down by the society they usefully abetted.

The author’s last statement verifies most of the points I’ve made. “Deluded, brainwashed” and “no access to a real history book.” What book did he read? Throughout history progressives have rewritten history books to make their causes look better. Remember Obama, the head progressive, when he praised his Marxist professors in a speech? The most heinous threat of progressivism is their goal of eliminating God from all our public lives, with the evil desire to turn each believer from God.

Thank you all for taking time to read this article. Open your eyes, ears and hearts and see what is falling all around us these days.

Eric R. Brant