Watertown Twp. levy to pay for emergency service

The Watertown Township Board of Trustees has decided to put a 2-mil levy on the ballot for the Nov. 5, 2013 election. This levy is for the purpose of Emergency Medical Services for Watertown Township. The levy is not for our own squad service but for contracting with neighboring townships as we have in the past. The majority of the runs in Watertown Township are serviced by Waterford Township with a few in Adams, Barlow, Muskingum, and Warren townships.

The problem we are facing is the increased number of runs per year and the possibility of Waterford Township going with a paid squad in the near future. Watertown Township could not afford the fees that would be charged by Waterford Township and the other townships if they go to a paid staff instead of a volunteer staff like they have at the current time. With our local government funds being cut year after year and the rising cost of squad fees in the near future we are faced with having to make the decision of putting the levy on in November.

The levy can only be used for EMS purposes. If we have excess funds, the township trustees have the option of rolling back the millage to 1 percent or less. Putting a levy on the ballot is not something that we as township elected officials want to do for our residents; unfortunately we face the possibility of other townships being unable to service Watertown Township for emergency medical services. We would like to invite the residents of Watertown Township to our next monthly meeting at the township building on Oct. 14, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. with questions and concerns. We would appreciate the Watertown Township residents’ support by voting “yes” on the EMS levy.

Gene Morris, Tom Neill, Doug Parks, Annette Schott

Watertown Township trustees