Downer can provide a woman’s voice on council

Where are the women on (Marietta) City Council?

Have you noticed that there are no women on city council? We have a chance in this election to remedy this intolerable situation. Elect Kathy Downer to city council at-large.

No matter where you stand on the issues surrounding gender in our society, gender plays a significant role in all facets of our lives. Today, women are active and influential in the home, at work and in every activity in between. Women’s voices need to be heard. We need to encourage women to run for public office. The Marietta City Council needs more women members.

We have the opportunity in this election to add a woman to city council by electing Kathy Downer. Downer has broad experience in the workplace and is a family-woman having raised four children with her husband, Steve Downer, local podiatrist.

Kathy Downer, a Registered Nurse, has two degrees in nursing and experience as a cancer care coordinator with 25 years at Marietta Memorial Hospital. Her training in dealing with disasters and involvement with the Red Cross make her well-qualified to be on city council. She has worked at the very heart of our community, listening and caring for Marietta’s citizens.

As Downer says, “being a mom and wife give me skills in negotiating, time management, advanced planning and disaster triage.” Her experience with host parenting to eight foreign exchange students, scouting and the Athletic Boosters keeps her in touch with family values and the needs of young people. Downer is well-traveled which is important because when we travel we reflect upon our place in the world and how our own community is a part of that world. Downer’s varied experiences and multitasking abilities are needed for success on city council.

OK folks, it is up to us to choose to support women. Elect Kathy Downer. A victory for Downer is a victory for all women in the city and will have a broader influence. A win for Downer will encourage other women to run for public office when they see that a woman with a woman’s experiences can win. Let’s make a difference this time. Let’s work on make, as our goal for the future, a city council that is made up of at least 50 percent women.

Jane Tumas-Serna