Elect Jon Grimm on Election Day

Wow! Jon Grimm’s campaign literature sure has caused a ruckus among council incumbents. It seems like they don’t enjoy defending their record. I want to share some further thoughts on just one issue Jon raised – the council chambers.

Do members of City Council hope to hide this idea that they want comfy new chambers for their meetings? It sure seems that way. First they considered City Hall, then they talked about squeezing into the new Municipal Court Building. In fact Tom Vukovic – who insists on calling Grimm names instead of defending his record – called Lookout Park and the old Selby building “embarrassing.” He said he liked the new Municipal Court building idea, saying it would provide “dignity.”

In the same meeting, on April 24, Council President Walt Brothers references discussing the chambers matter in executive session. Executive sessions, of course, are reserved for discussion of contracts and personnel issues. Did Tom Vukovic and others on City Council break our sunshine laws to keep their plans for new chambers secret?

Of course, now they’ve moved on to other new ideas like putting council chambers in the Armory.

Vukovic can call Jon Grimm all the names he wants, but here’s the bottom line: this council voted for a raise. This council bought iPads at taxpayer expense. This council passed restrictive new zoning laws. And this council desperately want “dignified” new chambers.

If Vukovic and others are embarrassed by what hard-working taxpayers have graciously provided, perhaps we should ask for a refund. Or better yet, let’s elect Jon Grimm to focus on economic development and fiscal issues that will help move the city, not the city council, forward.

Debbie Scott