Frontier board has lost contact with reality

It would appear that the Frontier Board of Education is attempting to pass a school levy that will almost double your property tax. They have placed a 9.19-mill levy on the November ballot. There has been no advertising or signs that inform the public as to what the levy amounts to.

Here is what it means to you – 9-mill is $0.919 per $100 or $9.19 per $1,000 of evaluation. My home’s evaluation is $62,830. Divide that by 1,000 and it’s $62.8. 62.8 times 9.19 equals $577.13 increase per year. Currently my taxes are $502.84.

That works out to 115 percent increase in your property tax. With the unemployment rate and loss of full-time employment and uncertain future economy have they lost contact with reality.

Thomas C. Watkins

Frontier School District