Letter writer’s numbers for Frontier levy incorrect

In response to a recent letter to the editor, in paragraph two concerning home’s evaluation of $62,830. If his market value is $62,830, his assessed value would be $35 percent of that equaling $21,991 times .00919 mils equating to a $202 yearly increase in taxes. If his assessed value is $62,830, his market value is $179,515. If his market value was $179,515, his taxes would be more than $502.84 as he is reporting. Market value and assessed value are two different terms.

Please refer to our example that has been used all along. If you have a $100,000 market value home (meaning what you would sell it for), your tax on a 9.19 levy would increase $321.65 per year.

Here is the math – $100,000 times 35 percent gives you an assessed value of $35,000. Take $35,000 times .00919 mils (levy amount) and this gives you $321.65.

Bruce Kidder, superintendent

Frontier Local Schools

Editor’s note: This is in response to the Frontier Local School District’s district levy.