O’Neill’s campaign slogan is her way of life

My name is Carol Gaughan and I am proud to support Willa O’Neill as the candidate for the office of the Marietta City treasurer. O’Neill is very qualified for this position. Some of her work history is as follows:

1. After graduating from college, O’Neill taught for six years in the Ohio Public School System.

2. After leaving the public school system she worked with ODOT for 25 years.

3. While at ODOT she was state wide ODOT union quality coordinator.

4. O’Neill served for 10 years with the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association.

5. While at ODOT, O’Neill served as local union president for 10 years before becoming statewide president of the OCSEA/ODOT assembly.

6. Currently, she is retired and serving as president of the Democratic Women’s Club of Washington County.

O’Neill has been a Marietta resident for more than 40 years. She raised her two daughters here and now lives in the Harmar Hill area. Myself and some friends have worked hard to get word out to the citizens of Marietta that as a person O’Neill has proven herself reliable and responsible, also that she has integrity and leadership abilities. When you cast your vote please vote for the best candidate for city treasurer, “Willa O’Neill.”

“Where there’s a Willa, there is a way.” This is Willa’s slogan and also her way of life.

Carol Gaughan