Paskawych has abilities to serve as council president

I support Kevin Paskawych as City Council president. I have known Paskawych for over a decade and have enjoyed witnessing Paskawych evolve into a fine adult who cares for and about the city of Marietta and all those who become part of his life.

Paskawych is well-educated, well-spoken and is a rational person. Kevin has an uncanny ability to resolve issues with open-minded problem solving. Paskawych is able to see “both sides of every coin” and provide leadership and direction when decisions are to be made. I see Paskawych as an ideal City Council president with the ability to see the future without having a preset agenda. Marietta needs leadership like Kevin Paskawych displays.

I hope that you can agree that “more of the same old thing” is not what Marietta needs to address the many issues that seem to burden our City Council. Elect an objective, City Council president. Please support Kevin Paskawych.

Mark Doebrich