Support humane society; report animal abuses

Again, the humane society is at full capacity, the reason as always, people are not having their pets spayed or neutered. Shame on them for letting their pets have litter after litter and dropping them off at the humane society to be taken care of. Take responsibility as pet owners and do the right thing and have your pets spayed or neutered.

On another subject, puppy mills should be outlawed. How would you like it if you spent every day of your life in a small wire cage, never touching the grass beneath your feet? This is the life of a puppy mill dog. Never out of their cage, no clean water to drink, no treats or toys. Their cages are cleaned with a pressure washer with the dogs in the cage! Most of the dogs are injured, losing an eye or other injuries in this process. How inhumane is this? All for money at the cost of these poor caged animals. The Animal Rescue website is a good source of information for puppy mill abuse. They have rescued thousands of dogs from inhumane conditions. Take a look at Lily and Harley – they were rescued from a puppy mill. This will break your heart.

Please support your local humane society and report any neglect or abuse of any animals.

We are their voice.

Susan Joyce