Support O’Neill, Downer, Noland on Election Day

Hello! My name is Roger Kalter. I am a 40-year Marietta resident. I represent the city’s 1st Ward. I have worked tirelessly for this community since moving here after college. I have a record of working for improving the quality of life for everyone in Marietta. For everyone, not just a select or elite few.

I have known Willa O’Neill, Harley Noland, and Kathy Downer for decades. I know their dedication to their city. I know there willingness to work hard to help create a better place for all of us to live.

Willa O’Neill brings a life of public service to the Marietta Treasurer’s Office. She has worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation in quality management to help make sure we taxpayers have gotten the most for our money. She is willing to work full-time to make sure our Marietta tax dollars properly and fairly collected. Where there is a Willa, there is a Way.

Harley Noland is an extremely valuable community servant as an at-large council member. He serves everyone in the city with intelligence, hard work and creativity. It is my honor to work aside Harley Noland.

I have known Kathy Downer as a business owner, registered nurse, mother and engaged community volunteer. Downer brings a needed female perspective to city council as an At-Large candidate. Please make Kathy Downer part of our working team.

Unfortunately during election seasons, some people decide to play loose and easy with the truth. Republican allegations that the city council has passed “extensive new zoning rules” are fabricated. It simply hasn’t happened. Further allegations that someone has spent money building brick sidewalks on Front Street also are without merit. Show me the bricks.

Please vote on Nov. 5. O’Neill, Noland, Downer are willing and able to work for good Marietta city government.

Roger Kalter, 1st Ward

Marietta City Council