Time for some changes in city government

Why is our present city council even considering the purchase of a new boom and bucket truck in order to be able to cut or trim more trees in the city? In a recent article it was stated that the new truck would cost $189,000 and a pole building would also be required to house the truck. The building will probably add at least another $50,000 to this cost. The city has spent $110,000 to Black’s Tree Service since 2010 over half probably due to the derecho of June 29, 2012. So, considering a 20-year life of the truck Council is considering spending $10,000 per year plus operating costs to save about $13,000 per year. But it’s not our money it will come from the state.

They also want $227,000 to buy up land to “improve” the intersection of Seventh and Pike. But it’s not our money these funds will eventually come from the state, also.

What is wrong with this picture? This is our money as long as we continue to pay taxes.

What are the long range plans of this Council? We’re spending all kinds of money to reconfigure and maintain City Hall and to renovate the “self-sustaining” Armory but what is the plan. Why is Council talking about using part of the Armory? That is wasted real estate that could be used by paying customers to help sustain its operation.

The present administration and Council are basically all Democrats (and [Michael] Mullen does belong in this category) and feel that they are entitled to state and federal funds to spend at will because it’s not our money. WRONG.

We need a balance in Council to control these actions. I urge you to stop this mayhem and vote for Grimm and Boersma for Council at large and Schlicher for Council president.

Jim Boersma