Voters should elect Grimm to Marietta council

What’s all this about bricks? Last night I watched the LWV “debates” for Marietta’s City offices. I say “debate” loosely; it was more like slow pitch softball for Democrats. For the life of me I don’t know why the Republicans show up and deal with that obvious bias year after year, I happen to know that the Democrats pick and choose what debates and forums they participate in, but I digress.

I was quite confused by Councilman Kalter’s incoherent blurb about Republicans lying about brick sidewalks. Then I remembered a recent letter of support for Jon Grimm in the Marietta Times referring to him as the sole opponent of the so called “speed tables” and brick crosswalk. One need not do any more than a simple search on the Marietta Times website to confirm this.

Grimm questioned the design from the start, he even predicted in a Streets Committee meeting that they would be removed within five years; well it ended up being about three. We know, because of Grimm’s insistence that the speed tables and bricks be bid separately as alternates, that this option cost the taxpayers approximately $70,000. In the end they not only wasted that money but also paid even more to remove them.

So I guess maybe Kalter was unintentionally correct when he said “council spending money on brick sidewalks never happened” but only because he didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about.

Jon Grimm has my vote for City Council because the city need his foresight and common sense.

Dianne Crandall