Beverly voters have choices to make

With the Nov. 5 election fast approaching, Beverly residents will have a decision to make for four council members. Two candidates running currently are not council members, as well as four council members are running to fill the four seats that become vacant at the end of this year.

It is really good that the residents of Beverly will have choices of who they want to fill these positions. To make a decision on who to vote for, like in any other political race, it is always good to know who you are voting for and what the candidate stands for. You may think, what important issues do I need to consider for voting for council members in the village of Beverly? I will give you a few issues that will explain the reason I’m running for Beverly Village Council.

Matching grants: Did you know that most improvements projects talked about in council meetings include matching grants? That does not sound bad ’till you hear where the matching portion is being considered, and that is borrowing money. The Village of Beverly should never borrow more money unless there are present funding available to pay off any current or future debts. It is very obvious that some of the current council members understand this, but not all.

Deficit spending: Did you know that the budget passed by the council for 2014 is projected to be more than the income the village receives? With only a few council members questioning this, I believe there needs to be a change.

Increased revenue: Did you know that Mayor Rex Kenyon and council member Beth Kenyon are calling for increased revenue from the residents of Beverly? Both have mentioned the increased revenue could be obtained by taxing all income with the exception of Social Security. Do you really want to pay more taxes while living or working in Beverly?

Conflict of interest: Is it within the Village of Beverly’s best interest to elect a council member who is married to the mayor? Even though there are no laws that prohibit this, we need to ask ourselves, do we really want to put a husband and wife, two out of the seven potential votes for our village direction, in a position that could change the way we live within the city limits?

These four main issues are the reason I decided to run again for a village office. I believe that any candidate currently running for village council that has lived in Beverly for over 30 years will know that residents of Beverly want the village government to run within their budget without the need of any increased taxes. I assure you that is how I will vote as your Beverly Village Council member.

Clem Biedenbach, candidate

Beverly Village Council