Justice and truth will prevail eventually

Sometimes it seems we are not only overwhelmed with state, national, and international events, but even more so by Washington’s political rhetoric, and especially by the moral degeneracy revealed by the rhetoric of some of our top leaders. Notice the word “some.” In a recent conversation with a close friend concerning the lies being spewed forth almost daily by our president, my friend suggested “O they all lie.” Meaning, presumably, that all our political leaders in Washington lie, and that somehow justifies the president’s disingenuous (code word for blatant lies) statements.

Do you agree this is a fair assessment of political leaders? Certainly many do lie to us with impunity, but I, for one, do not agree that all lie to us. There are man very honest, morally upright politicians, as is true in any demographic group. So it is grossly unfair to lump all politicians with those that lie to us with impunity. I regret to opine that one of the latter is our president.

President Obama has blatantly lied to us in several instances especially related to Obamacare. Here’s a short list of those lies which we have all heard ad nauseam: “If you like your present health insurance, you can keep your health insurance, period!” “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period!” “The average family under ACA will save roughly $2,500/year on their healthcare insurance costs.” And remember this one? “The Benghazi consulate attack and the murder of four Americans was caused by a You Tube video.” These are not verbatim quotes, but substantively accurate.

Our esteemed Secretary of State perpetuated this lie to family members when the bodies of the dead Americans were being brought home to America. When later questioned by Congress about the Benghazi attack and the circumstances causing it, her comment was “At this point what difference does it make?” And she may be running for president?

The hypocrisy that infects both of our political parties to a greater of lesser degree is a national disgrace. However at this point in time lying seems to be endemic in this administration…a national manifestation of Chicago-type political machinations run rampant. Little do our pols realize that they someday they will have to give an accounting to God for their lies.

No, I am not overwhelmed by the magnitude of this rhetoric and political corruption. God is still sovereign over nations and His justice will eventually prevail. It’s just a matter of time. If you have questions about this please do some objective thinking about what is transpiring (maybe some “buyers remorse”) and then commit yourself to studying God’s Word for some real answers. Romans 13 deals indirectly with this.

Dr. Paul Williams