PROGRAM ACTIVE a worthy program

Living in Southeastern Ohio I never thought I would be able to participate in a medical clinical trial without multiple trips to Columbus or Cleveland. Lately I have seen advertisements in the Marietta Times for PROGRAM ACTIVE. It’s an eye-catching color ad with the program name and contact information, but, to me it seems like another exercise program. Luckily, about nine months ago, I saw the program discussed on morning TV and was curious enough to call. My motivation was not to help mankind, but to get something for myself. I’m diabetic and have not had medical insurance for over two years, making it extremely difficult to get the medications, testing and support I needed.

As a clinical trial, PROGRAM ACTIVE measures the results of various approaches for diabetics in Appalachia to handle depression. It is sponsored by Ohio University and Indiana University School of Medicine. I was lucky to be accepted. I don’t have to travel to obtain services?everyone comes to me…and everything is free. Through this program I have been able to obtain the quarterly medical testing I need to keep track of my A1C, cholesterol and triglycerides. And I have increased my interest in, and willingness to, take small steps towards improving my lifestyle, health and attitude. I am thoroughly impressed with the kindness and caliber of the staff I work with. I strongly encourage any depressed diabetic to call Rachel, Program Coordinator, at 593-2410 for more information. I’m glad I did.

Teresa Mullins