Voters made candidate’s dream come true

The Nov. 5 election provided me an opportunity I long considered.

I personally thank the voters who supported me, making that realization to become a member of the Fort Frye Board of Education.

I bring a successful business and management background to a board that is unique in its makeup. The obstacles facing our school district are many. The strong administrative staff, teachers and support staff all have our children’s best interests in mind. Our goal should and will be to support and obtain the tools needed, making success a priority.

With this in mind, keeping these ideas, in the forefront will be looking forward to a successful and progressive future. Dwelling on outdated and personal agendas should and will be gone. As I have mentioned, “the past is history,” and handling the school’s business is and will be the only objective.

In closing, my promise is to conduct a professional and thoughtful term and communicate with residents of Fort Frye. We are blessed with an excellent school that is envied by many. Our goal is making it even better.

Lloyd Booth