What do we need vs. what do we want

What would Geo do?

George Orwell’s book, “1984,” was required reading when I went to high school. I found the text to be futuristic sci-fi, yet more than a bit disturbing. Several years ago I read it again. This time I found it difficult to read, quite disturbing and all too plausible. Ol’ Geo may have hit the nail on the head – he just got the date wrong!

According to the article in the Marietta Times on Oct. 30, the Washington County sheriff is willing to spend $388,452 on two BearCat armored vehicles. Lots of taxpayers’ money to protect his deputies and hopefully the local citizenry from desperados. Lots of money for two vehicles they “never, ever have to use.”

Sheriff Mincks states: “How do you put a price on a person’s life?” My goodness, Larry … they’ve been doing just that since the beginning of time. For instance, Judas threw a guy named Jesus under the bus for 30 pieces of silver. The U.S. government knows to the penny how much it costs to send a group to Afghanistan for the fifth tour, whether he/she comes back alive – dead or disabled. They knew when they sent folks to World War II, Korea, Vietnam – the medical industry today thrives on putting a price on a person’s life! Aren’t we being a bit fascist Larry, saying, there’s no way to put a price on a life?

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies continue to “militarize” themselves. What is this statement they’re trying to make? Control? Is control the answer? Does the sheriff’s office need two armored cars to fulfill their oath. They, the sheriff and his deputies, took an oath to protect our constitutional rights. They didn’t take an oath to control our constitutional rights. Or did they? Perhaps they will protect their “haves” from the “have nots.” Who and what will the local sheriff’s office do? Who/what will they choose? Should we just follow the money? Money and power is what it’s all about, ain’t it?

There’s more grant money in the pipeline, too! … Just hasn’t arrived yet. What kind of stuff will be available when more grant money shows up? Let me make a suggestion – a drone. A drone with a stockpile of hell-fire missiles – that’ll be a sure fire way to protect my constitutional rights, Sheriff Mincks. You can do it all from your office at Second and Putnam! An Abrams tank is another option. … How about a Paladin artillery piece – 155-mm smart artillery projectile. You can drop a round down the vent pipe of anyone’s house you’re trying to protect.

Our society, our social order – morality in general – seems headed down the toilet … at a high rate of speed. Our legislators can’t seem to legislate morality – hell, they seem helpless/impotent in every respect. Is unrest – civil insurrection – martial law in our closer-than-you-think future? I’d say – yep, sure is!

I have few, if any, answers. I have seen this world and the people in it going to hell at a high rate of speed. I have seen our government inundate every portion of my life. I trust no law enforcement official or anyone on the government’s payroll. Everyone that wants to help me has an agenda and it ain’t about me.

What I do have are my family and a handful of friends whom I love and trust. We will be OK – it’ll be a struggle, but we’ll be OK … or we’ll die trying.

I also have a couple of questions: When was the last time the sheriff drove by my house? Also, what would Geo do?

Frank Weber