Beverly mayor’s comments angers reader

I am appalled at the recent comments by Mayor Rex Kenyon of Beverly. It seems that the Mayor believes that motorcycles in the front of an establishment indicate gang activity in his view. I would suggest that the mayor needs to familiarize himself with the tremendous amount of good that the motorcycle community, that frequent his town, do. There are many poker runs that pass through Beverly and contribute tax dollars to the town. These poker runs also raise money for people in need in Beverly, as well as the surrounding community. To be labeled a “gang” member because of riding a motorcycle with other enthusiasts is a monumental insult.

I am also shocked that any mayor would advocate the closing of a legal business in his town. Allowing a mayor to act as moral authority on business would be a very dangerous move. One would have to ask what business is next. I would suggest that the mayor should be friendly to all legal businesses that set up shop in his or her town, and take the time to understand what that business entails.

Finally, I would call on Mayor Rex Kenyon to issue a public apology to the motorcycle community for his horrible and hateful remarks.

Jay Owens