Families thank all who helped during barn fire

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, around 3:30 p.m., our barn burned to the ground in less that 30 minutes. We would like to thank each and every one of you that has reached out to us in our community. From our awesome neighbors, who can always be counted on, to our loving family, who is always there for each other, and to our friends, who have supported us in only the way friends can do. To those of you who have stopped by or called to check on us, or who have offered your help in the clean up. To those of you who has loaned us equipment until we can get more and to all of you who prayed for the safety of our homes and well being during and after the fire.

We want to especially thank the Reno Fire Department, Fearing Fire Department and Williamstown Fire Department for your courage and dedication for saving our homes and garages. You are truly our heroes. Even with our horrific loss, we are so grateful to you all for what we still have. Thank you.

We want to send a special thank you to the unknown lady who was passing by and saved a car from our burning garage. To you, if you read this, please stop by so we can thank you in person.

Our barn back in the day was a firehouse when horses and wagons were used for fire runs. How ironic. It was a prominent dairy farm in the ’50s owned and operated by our family: Roy and Rosa Weppler. It was an iconic structure to all who knew it and we will miss her. We have been told numerous times by many who have passed by since the fire “that it just won’t be the same without the big ‘ole barn in the corner of State Route 26.” We now realize that it may have belonged to us, but our loss has affected so many others as well.

Thank you from the families of:

Larry and Kelly Sloter

Sam and Amber Heiss

Chris and Annie Doak

Josh and Wendy Giffin