Good news about 2 local girls deserves attention

Two local girls are champions

It seems that what we read about our youth today, is based around problems and trouble, so often the front page is covered with drug bust and petty crimes, but where are the feel good stories, the one’s that show off the talents and skills of our youth. Where are the stories that inspire our youth, the stories that show and highlight their successes, and truly support the role model in them?

Our local news seems too long for the articles showcasing the achievements of our male youth, bringing attention to their athletic abilities, and or their good deeds, and yet it takes an active movement to get any attention paid to the female youth of our society. Recently an attempt was made in the form of request to the local newspaper to run an article about two local girls who have risen above norm, two local girls that have not only been example of what it means to be a good sportsman, but two girls that have been positive role models in their society as well.

Brittany Hesson is one such girl, this local Marietta High School Sophomore is more than just a good student, more than just a member of the softball team, Brittany recently became the 2013 Women’s Amateur National Champion in the GNCC division. What an accomplishment for a young girl who just started riding in the GNCC circuit full time two years ago. In that time not only has Brittany become the Amateur Women’s Champion, but in 2012 Brittany was the Youth Girls National Champion.

Brittany has established local sponsorship from Get it Performance and became a member of an extended GNCC family which include racers such as Thad Duvalll, and another local who is standing example of girl power, Kylie Ahart. Ahart recently became the 2013 Women’s Four-Wheeler Pro Champion. Ahart a recent Warren graduate, is a shining example of how girls can break the molds of society.

Both Hesson and Ahart, continue to pursue their dreams of being champions of the course, Hesson who has embraced the nick name Dirt Princess, plans to continue her pursuit of racing, in the upcoming 2014 GNCC circuit, where she will begin her pursuit of the Women’s Pro title. This will be quite a change for the 15 year old, she will now be racing against women in their 20’s who have been competing in the X games, as well as racing toward their own titles and wins. By entering the Pro Circuit, Hesson will be looking for more sponsors and seeking the assistance and support of not only her GNCC family, but locals as well.

Brittany who is supported by her parents Craig and Brandi Hesson, as well as one her biggest supporters, her little sister Cailynn, is a shining example of what dedication and dreams can do. Brittany started riding cross country bikes at the ripe old age of 6, and starting racing locally at the age of 10. Hesson holds several medals, trophies and titles, and has the battle scars to show for her years on her bike as well, two broken arms and various cuts and bruises, Brittany lives for the thrill to race.

Both Hesson and Ahart were recently recognized and presented with trophies and plaques at this year’s GNCC banquet held in Morgantown, W.Va. Nov. 22 and 23, both girls were surrounded by not only their families, but friends and sport fans that came out to show support for their favorite riders.

As someone who has watched Brittany grow and become the outstanding role model that she is, I personally give all of my support and thanks to this young girl who has done so much in such a short time. In a time when girls are so worried about what the latest fashion is, and so worried about body image, I am glad to see that girls like Hesson and Ahart exist and wish them nothing but luck in the upcoming 2014 season.

Gerri VanNoy