Johnson a bit late in health care act stance

I welcome recent comments by Rep. Bill Johnson (Times 12/21). He acknowledged that prior to the new Affordable Health Care Law, insurance was increasingly unaffordable, those with pre-existing conditions often could not get insurance, and newly graduated young people struggled to obtain coverage. He thinks now is the time for Republicans to lead and come up with their own plan to address these and other problems.

My question is, “What took so long?” For the past several years I have visited Johnson’s office inquiring of his plans for health care reform since he was working so hard to overturn the current plan. Each time I was told that an alternative plan was forthcoming. Finally after more than three years and over 40 votes against the new health care plan, he has decided it is time for Republicans to develop a better approach to reform. Now instead of simply criticizing and working to derail the current plan, let’s hope Johnson will work to come up with an even better plan. I think his constituents deserve a more positive, constructive effort.

Kim McMichael