MMS students raise money for charities

Marietta Middle School students devoted the month of December to raise money for three charitable causes. The sixth grade held three special days where they could donate money to have the privilege to wear a hat, carry a stuffed animal or snack in class. They could also donate money anytime they wished. In three weeks they raised $1035 for the Strecker Cancer Center. The seventh grade got friends and family to sponsor their work in a St. Jude math workbook. In three weeks they raised $1350 for St. Jude Hospital. On the last day of classes before Christmas break any of the students could donate a dollar and wear their pjs to school. In one day they raised $147 for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. It is easy for these kids to donate mom and dad’s money but I know for a fact that some of them gave their allowance, birthday money and savings to these causes. I am very proud of all of them and thought the community should know that we have a compassionate group of students at the middle school.

Lori Hall