Opinion on Beverly situation taken from reporters account

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor about rumors in Beverly. Evidently the writer failed to read the Marietta Times. I received all of my information on the motorcycle issue straight from the Marietta Times. I quote, “In addition, a photo displayed at the last Council meeting was a hot topic of debate. The photo featured motorcycles lined up in front of the Valley Inn. Kenyon brought up possible gang activity.” This alone was the basis for the letter. I did not rely on conjecture or rumor to form my opinion, unless the writer is calling the Marietta Times a rumor mill.

The writer also asked for help in improving the town. While I am all for improving any town, I must stand by my assertion that it is not the job of government at any level to act as moral authority on legal businesses. Government should be an aide to all legal businesses and not an obstacle. As I have stated earlier, this act sets dangerous precedents that can be used in nefarious ways in the future.

Jay Owens